Clarendon Hotel


Hebden and The Clarendon Hotel – A Bit of History

There is clear evidence of there being a settlement in the area from the early days of the Bronze Age (C 2700-700BC). During the early Medieval Period (600-1066) the building of the droving road to herd sheep from Fountains Abbey to Malham crossed Hebden Beck and became a busy route for packhorse traders. The construction of a Corn Mill powered by the beck and the development of Lead Mining in the surrounding hills led to significant increases in the population and prosperity of Hebden. This peaked in the 1850s. when the population was twice what it is today.

The Clarendon Hotel is the largest traditionally built structure in the village. Erected to serve the passing trade on the increasingly busy through road, from the mid 19th century onwards, this public house and rooms is described as being rich in Victorian detailing.

Today the Hotel & Restaurant continues to serve the local community and warmly welcomes many visitors, sharing a passion for great food.